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Video Reading: Claire Lacey – Input Her Into the System

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I was in a bad place
to stay in touch with you
and I am not sure if you have
any questions or concerns. Please
visit the plug-in settings to see how
attachments are handled.

The hard copy of the day
of the first time in my head
is spinning and weaving
to be able to make it worse
because I don’t know what to do.
The first time in the future of our relationship
with the following link to the doctor
said that the friendship is worth
investigating the matter is urgent means
within the next few months.

The doctor said that the bodies of water try
to get the latest version. I am not sure if
you have any questions so feel free
to contact me at the end of the day.
I will have the same old story
and secrets of the time to get back to you
as well as the registered player
whether the use was authorized or not.

The hard copy of the day before he leaves you
to have an appointment with the problem is that
the bodies of water and the critters all seemed well
provided for in my mind. I am not sure what you think
of the first time since we are both self-aware and he
doesn’t want me.

I will be fine. I have been trying to figure out
how to make sure you have received
this message and any attachments are intended.
The other hand the keys to the doctor stressed
out about this exact topic multiple times and I am not
going to be able to make it worse than that.
I was born in a bad one or more like a blast
and I am not going to be a good time. I am a bundle
of nerves and muscles and joints and marrow and I
am going to be able to do the work.

Claire Lacey is a multidisciplinary writer, poet, performer and educator. Her first book of poetry, Twin Tongues, won the 2013 Robert Kroetsch Award for Innovative Poetry. Her second book, Selkie, is a graphic novel published in collaboration with artist Sachie Ogawa. Currently, Claire is working on a creative/critical PhD on poetry and brain injury at the University of Otago. Claire can be found online at poetactics.blogspot.com or @poetactics on Twitter.
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