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Linda Edeiken: On Slow Art

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I make spectacular one-of-a-kind beaded art necklaces and bracelets. Many people have remarked that they look like jeweled CORAL REEFS – an association which is gratifying since I draw my inspiration from the sea on which I live, on a small sailboat with my husband in the islands and on the coasts of the Pacific Ocean (formerly in California, Mexico, Central and South America), currently in French Polynesia. It is on the boat that I have my studio and create this jewelry. As an avid snorkeler and scuba diver, I gain many ideas for the forms, materials, and colors from what I see and observe below the water’s surface.

My art is slow art at its best. Like coral reefs, my pieces are made by slow careful aggregation: the foundation is created one small bead at a time, bead after bead, and then several layers of more beads and semi-precious stones are added. The clasps I use can be a special stone, a handmade lampworked glass bead, or an antique button.

I am a true pearl-a-holic, and my jewelry features many forms and colors of this gem from the sea. I have created a collection using rare La Paz Pearls from Baja, Mexico – a very special find. Now I am currently working on a collection of Tahitian pearl necklaces.

I donate a percentage of my sales to a CORAL REEF CONSERVATION ORGANIZATION. We must protect the health of our seas. More here: lindaedeikendesigns.com

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