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September 2015: Kathy Fish and Tania Hershman

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September 2015

Kathy Fish and Tania Hershman

This month, we decided to highlight September’s Guest Editors.These two writers/ editors get around and have been practicing the form and inspiring others for years. We’re pleased to have them as our guest editors this month. Below are some ways you can find out more about each of them.


author photoFirst, we should mention that there is a flash writing fellowship named after Kathy Fish — that’s how much people love her writing and teaching. If readers don’t know Smokelong Quarterly, they should. There you can find some serious quality flash, good editors and amazing storytellers. The 2016 Kathy Fish Fellowship is open for applications through October 15. The fellowship is designed for new and emerging writers.

The winner of the 2016 Kathy Fish Fellowship will be considered a “writer in residence” at SmokeLong (note: position is virtual) for four quarterly issues (March, June, September, and December 2016). Each issue will include one flash by the Fellowship winner.

Check it out! More here.

What’s Kathy up to now? She’s gearing up for a workshop Sept 25-27 — check it out here!

Meanwhile, readers can find more about Kathy Fish at her website.

And if you’d like to read a story featured in Blue Five Notebook — a marvelous story inspired by artwork by French painter Francis Denis — please go here.

More of Kathy Fish’s work can be found at her Amazon page, here.



HershmanTania studied Mathematics and Physics at university and her interest in science has since overlapped with creative writing. She writes: “I wanted to combine my interest in science with short stories. Inspired by Alan Lightman’s beautiful book, Einstein’s Dreams, I found a way to do this which I call “science-inspired fiction” – not to be confused with science fiction! Taking a piece of scientific fact as her starting point, I allow my imagination free rein in creating a story from it. More here.

What’s Tania up to now? She’s currently writing an offbeat hybrid collection for her PhD. Readers can find out more here.

Readers can find Tania’s tips for writing at The Word Factory, plus a reading of her work on video there, too. Go here for a glimpse into Tania’s world of words.

Interested in reading two short pieces by Tania? Read I am A Camera and Plaits at her website.

Tune into flash! You can hear Tania reading flash and poetry here.


Please go here for Flash Frontier‘s September 2015 collection of science stories, featuring 16 writers from Aotearoa and elsewhere and with commentary by guest editors Kathy Fish and Tania Hershman. 

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